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Aug, 20 2019


Integrity Coding is the   Best


I was skeptical at first  due to the prices being so reasonable, so don't let the prices fool you.
 Danita is wonderful at explaining whatever we are going over whether it be   the Integumentary System, or you are studying for your CPC exam.
 She will work with you if you don't understand something in order that you   overcome what may be confusing you. She provides examples which also help us   get a better understanding of what she is talking about. Danita wants   everyone to be successful and she will help you pass that examination.

Sandra A.

Feb, 17, 2019 

At Integrity Coding they help you with all your studying needs. Everything from foundation coding classes . Along with the classes you will get Step-by-Step study guide sheets to help you with the details of all your chapters of study. You can keep them in a binder and refer back to them on your lesson plans and also studying notes for the time you take your Exam. These guide sheets have been a blessing to me, I can take them everywhere and just keep looking over them to keep the information fresh in my mind. Thank you Integrity Coding, You are a Blessing to me and I am so glad I found you.



Jan. 1, 2019


Hello, I've met Danita thru one of my classmates who saw a free coding webinar for integrity coding. I decided to attend the free webinar and to listen to what she had to say and how she could help me in my journey of becoming a professional coder. After the webinar, I was convinced that her knowledge and teaching style, was what I needed to supplement any information I had already learned thru my coursework. I signed up to receive emails of the upcoming webinars, and purchased one of her popular "boot camps" to help me prepare for my exam. Unfortunately, the boot camp I purchased was cancelled, but Danita made other arrangements to conduct a one on one counseling session. Thru that session, not only were we able to devise a game plan on how to attack this exam, but it served as a mentoring session for me to give me the confidence to  take the exam. Attending her boot camps and purchasing her blitz recording of the boot camps gave me the best chance and confidence of passing my exam. I recently took my board exam on Dec 15th, and about five days later I found out I PASSED the exam, thanks to Danita's guidance. To any potential coding students who will be sitting for their board exam soon, I highly recommend attending Danita's boot camp and purchasing the blitz recording to help supplement what you've learned.

Julius Floro, CPC-A

Dec. 5, 2018   
I took an on line CPC course to help me with passing the CPC exam. I failed the exam. I was so discouraged and took a year off from studying. I came across integrity coding. I first attended one of Danita’s “free” coding classes. I immediately fell in love with Danita and the way she taught. I signed up for her 16 week coding course.  The course was awesome. It’s great when you get your “ah ha”moment. You’re like “YES” I got this, I understand. It  is very  important that you do the homework that is asked of you and that you are prepared when Danita goes over it in class. I took the CPC exam for a second time in November and passed. I was so excited. I am so grateful to Danita. She is a great teacher and mentor.  I will continue to take additional classes from Danita.   Thank You Rebecca Texas


I will still continue to listen to Mrs. Danita’s Boot Camps  because I am always learning something new". 

Teri P. - Georgia
"When  I first met Mrs. Danita I had already went to a two year college for  Medical Billing and Coding. I didn’t feel like I learned anything. I  also took a refresher course and I felt like I was getting it a little  bit. I started attending Mrs. Danita’s Boot Camps and then I felt like  there might be hope for me after all. She is VERY thorough. If you do  not get something she will go over it with you until you understand. If  she hears in your voice or see in your eyes that you’re not getting it  she will not move on. She will try to explain it another way if you do  not get it the first time. That’s what I LOVE about her. I love that she  goes up and beyond. I love that she goes over the guidelines. She will  tell you what you need to highlight, underline and also give you notes  to write into your books that would be helpful during the test. Usually I  get burnt out with too much information but the way she gives me the  information makes me want to keep learning. After 3 hour Boot Camps with  her I am looking for more. I don’t want to stop. I purchase her  recordings and I have to make myself to go to bed at night. After I pass  my exam.  

I  recently attended Mrs. Danita's Boot Camp and it was very thorough. My  questions did not go unanswered. I had another "ah ha" moment, like I  always do when she explains the information that is being presented to  us. I feel like I will be ready to take my CPC certification before the  year is over. If you have not tried any of her classes, please don't  hesitate. Classes fill up rather quickly and she will address all of  your concerns. Note: Do not be afraid to let her know your troubled  areas. She will help you until you become comfortable with what it is  that your having trouble with. I'm a living witness to that.
EM Jones

When  I came to integrity coding I had just completed a local community  college Medical Coding program but still did not feel comfortable with  Medical coding books. A lot of the content of the books still felt  foreign to me. I had difficulty understanding the proper sequencing of  ICD-10 and CPT coding. I was always frustrated because I regularly chose  the wrong code when working on AAPC Practice tests. Danita and  Integrity coding changed all that. I enrolled in her boot camp, and she  took the time to teach me the ICD-10 and CPT guidelines. We worked  through practice test questions and NEVER moved on to the next question  until she was sure I understood WHY we arrived at the answer. In short,  Danita helped me make sense of my medical coding books with a heavy  emphasis on the guidelines. You learn very quickly that the Guidelines  are the key to medical coding and that knowing the guidelines are what  separates successful coders from frustrated coders. Danita is an  extremely positive person who truly believes all her students will  succeed. Her classes are a place of positivity, and she gives her  students the confidence to succeed and believe you can pass your CPC  certification exam. She engages her students and challenges them to work  through Physician cases and practice exams until you have the right  answer, and you KNOW 100% that the answer is correct! I spent 15 years  working in a different career field. I walked into Danita's class unsure  if I could pass the CPC certification and take on a new career. I left  her class with the confidence that I could succeed. Today I work in the  healthcare field as a medical coder. I am so thankful I signed up for  classes with integrity coding.
Lakis Koulouris

June 6, 2018
"Enrolling  in integrity coding's 8hour online class was one of the best choices I  could have made as a first time medical coding student enrolled in a  distant online program. Danita's step by step approach and chapter  specific coding tips make coding a breeze through even for new comers.  The 150 question practice tests prepared me well ahead with time  management to face the certification exam with confidence. Thanks to  Danita; I passed my CPC in the very 1st try with 30 minutes to spare".

May 23, 2018
I  took Danita Ruszkowski's online medical coding class last fall. Having  never taken an online course before, I wasn't sure what to expect in  terms of the quality of the teaching and the focus of the students. But,  after the first class I realized any concerns I had were unfounded.  First, I don't think I'm too far off the mark when I say that, while  there may be other teachers who match Danita's knowledge of medical  coding, there can't be anyone who surpasses her. Equally important was  the manner in which she communicated that knowledge. Classes were well  structured with time split between going over homework problems, reading  and discussing new textbook material, and providing a general  question-and-answer session. And Danita made sure everyone participated  in these discussions, whether they wanted to or not! Yet, despite the  structure, Danita's sense of humor and obvious concern for her students  allowed for a relaxed environment in which people were encouraged to  help one another understand the material and not be afraid to ask  questions. And I want to place emphasis on Danita's concern for her  students. It was obvious that she wanted nothing more than for her  students to leave the course with a solid understanding of medical  coding and an excellent chance of passing the certification exam.  Students can't ask anything more than that from their teacher.  Unfortunately, a family accident prevented me from taking the medical  coding exam at the end of 2017. But I look forward to taking it in the  not-too-distant future. I'm guessing I'll need to take the Integrity  Coding course again, but I look forward to that as well. In summary, I  highly recommend Integrity Coding and I urge anyone with an eye on  becoming a medical coder to enroll in Danita's course.   Pragya Padmanabhan, CPC-A, Framingham, Ma
Laurie S,CPC, Massachusetts
"I  truly believe that I would not have been able to pass my CPC without  the help of Danita Ruszkowski and her training classes. Danita is an  amazing teacher and person and she taught me so much. My score on the  exam went from a 64 to a 77 after taking her course. I highly recommend  taking Danita's classes before sitting through the exam. It is a must"!! Thank you Danita for everything!! You are amazing.

March 7, 2018
Em Jones Subject: Feeling Confident Again!!! Message: I  came across Ms. Danita’s program after losing my job as a Biller and a  Coder. I did my externship at a cardiology clinic and for a month, I was  on their payroll until they laid me off saying that they were hiring an  experienced cardiology coder. I had lost all hope. I started looking  for jobs that would hire an entry level biller and/or coder and there  wasn’t too many. I came across Ms. Danita’s courses and I felt like God  answered my prayers. I started off with her free classes and then I  started paying for her classes. I have to admit, I wish that I would  have found her a year earlier. I would have come out a lot cheaper and  probably have my certification and working on the next one. She a person  with knowledge and she’s very intelligent. What I was taught in school  versus what I’m being taught now is so amazing and I can’t talk about  Integrity Coding enough. She stress about knowing the guidelines. In  school, we were never told to focus on the guidelines the way she  stresses it. I feel way more confident that I will pass my certification  on the first try. I’m feeling more confident as I go along. She’s very  thorough. You ask a question, she will go over it. She takes her time.  She will go over it until you get it. She will never tell you “oh, if  you didn’t get it, too bad”. I will continue to take her courses and get  more certifications.

March 1, 2018
Yaritza Subject: Integrity Message: Danita  is great at what she does. She takes pride in teaching, and assures  everyone gets a thorough understanding of the material. She takes her  time to make sure everything is explained, and gets to have fun while  she does it. She is truly a great individual. I highly recommend her  instructional prep classes. At the end of the class you are able to take  with you lots of information and techniques not taught in school. Thank  you Danita, Yaritza

Feb. 16, 2018
Name: Elizabeth C, Indiana Subject: COC Prep Message: Hello,  fellow Coders, Danita is so wonderful to work with, she is helping me  to prepare for my second credential and she is very knowledgeable and  ready to help you pass your exam. I cannot say enough about Integrity  Coding, so if you are thinking about getting into the coding field, I  would go with Danita and the courses are very, very affordable. Thank  you, Danita, for all your help!

Name: Elizabeth C, CPC, COC, Indiana Subject: I passed my Exam Message: I  passed my COC exam, I am so excited!!! Thank you, Danita, for all your  help. For my 3rd credential I will be contacting you for your help!!  Money well spent!!